Tuesday 1st May

| BY Roxy Lola

A First Look At Virgil Abloh’s Ikea Collaboration

What a hilariously, fabulous life Virgil Abloh lives. He’s obvs in his prime, because really, who else can you name that’s designing furniture for Ikea one day and being appointed Artistic Director of menswear Louis Vuitton the next? The millennial midas touch. Abloh is collaborating left, right and centre on such starkly different brands, helped by his hype squad – the loyal line of fans around the block wherever he goes. We’ve witnessed first hand and yes, they go hard. So it only made sense that Ikea live streamed the reveal of Virgil’s Ikea collab ‘Markerad’, which he confirmed has been designed for Generation Y. Everyone wants to live like a millennial. In classic Off-White style, slogan rugs that can be hung as tapestries were unveiled, the most vivid red with the word “BLUE” (quotation marks included) in Ikea blue so simply put in the middle. Another rug stated “KEEP OFF”. We wouldn’t expect anything less.

”I want to bring a sense of pride to [millennial homes],” he said during the livestream. “You only notice design when your door knob is broken, or when your car doesn’t work. A project of this nature [turns that on its head].” How? Slogan rugs, simple chairs with doorstoppers and glass cabinets with red nail-shaped handles. And in probably the most Virgil-esque moment of the whole livestream, inside the glass cabinet sat his Nike collaboration sneakers. What else would a millennial put in a glass cabinet? “We’re not designing something cool for cool’s sake,” Virgil continued. “We’re trying to embed an artistic quality in the things that you already have – the chair is elevated because it feels more like an art object than a typical chair that serves its function with four equal legs.” The price of the collaboration will stay at normal Ikea prices (cheap) but we predict will be a hard get, unless you’re schooled in Off-White new-drop-dedication. With a degree in architecture and an obvious interest in furniture, we nominate Virgil to redecorate Ten Towers in all Louis Vuitton furniture. There’s nothing he can’t do.

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