Friday 2nd September

| BY Jack Moss

A New Film All About Franca Sozzani Of Italian Vogue


Lord knows we love a fabulous Editrix-in-Chief – we are the children of our very own Sophia Neophitou, after all. And after our Grecian Goddess (of course) Editrix-in-Chiefs don’t get much more fabulous than Franca Sozzani of Italian Vogue. Imagine our excitement, then, when we caught word of the brand new film that delves behind-the-scenes of her very fabulous life. And we are promised intimate. Intimate because the film is directed not by any old man off the street, but her own son Francesco Carrozzini. So what does the woman behind one of the most important magazines actually think? She is, of course, a lady of famously few words. Well, this promises the answers – entitled, Franca: Chaos and Creation it will explore her work over the past three decades at the top of the fashion industry. Take notes, children. Take notes.

Franca: Chaos and Creation premieres at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival