Wednesday 26th July

| BY Finn Blythe

A New Look Miu Miu Store On Sloane Street


Haven’t Miu Miu been busy bees? This week, they’ve just finished renovating their Sloane Street store, and it’s back, and from what we can see, better than ever. If that’s possible. It was already our happy place. 260sq foot bigger (!), I’m imagining a ‘DIY SOS’ kind of scenario, except without MDF and Nick Knowles, here, the Miu Miu store has been decked out with their iconic damask fabric, which changes colour from gold to delicate blue on both walls and display shelves – to ensure maximum focus on the product, apparently. Unfortunately, no before and after shot, but we will gasp away anyway.

The unofficial jewel in this renovated crown is, quite literally, a jewel. Well, a jewel heel pump to be specific, which is a made-to-order project where customers can compose their very own heel from a selection of materials and colours. Like Nike iD but for very rich people. Faaabulous.