Friday 2nd September

| BY Jack Moss

A.P.C. Collaborate With Outdoor Voices

A couple of nights ago, Garth, Phoebe and I unchained ourselves from our desks and made the short crawl to A.P.C.’s Soho store. Which is very nice, naturally. Once there, the evening took a surprising turn when we were convinced into playing a sporting activity by a very nice PR which basically involved throwing beanbags into a wooden hole. Garth was very good at getting it in the hole. Unsurprisingly. I was not. It was all very fun, but then Phoebe got a wild look of competitiveness and we had to stop. But anyway, the whole thing was to celebrate the launch of A.P.C.’s collaboration with Outdoor Voices, a New York-based sportswear brand. Think of them and A.P.C. as a perfect marriage in weekend minimalism, as the notes tell us “Outdoor Voices believes in freeing fitness from performance and embracing activity with moderation, ease, and delight —a realistic approach that fits with A.P.C.” And whilst the good looking capsule collection is designed movement (a bit of stretch, sweat wicking fabrics etc) they are clothes that can be worn day round without garnering inappropriate looks from members of the public. Which means you can wear it whilst doing exercise – or alternatively whilst doing fuck all.