Wednesday 4th October

| BY Finn Blythe

A$AP Rocky Opens His Own Pop-Up Bodega At Selfridges


For those not in the know, bodega is what our friends across the pond call a corner shop. In Quebec, our resident North American expert Joel informs us, they’re called dépanneur, which to us sounds like something you might be served between courses at a fancy French restaurant. Regardless of what you call them, A$AP Rocky, and more specifically his cabal of creatives known as AWGE, have opened one at Selfridges. Despite extensive forum trawling we haven’t been able to decode the acronym, but we can tell you that the AWGE Bodega is their first ever fully-realised creative project, and pays homage to the ubiquitous stores scattered across their own NYC neighbourhoods.

On offer? As well as an impressive load of AWGE merchandise, the store will feature a specially curated selection of A$AP’s favourite brands, including Midnight Studios, Marino Infantry, Harun and his recent collaboration with Guess. It’s not a corner store without sugary treats however, which is why AWGE had the good sense to include some co-branded Krispy Kreme’s, cookies and ‘potato chips’. That’s the aisle you’ll find us in.