Tuesday 8th December

| BY Jack Moss

Introducing: Acne Studios Bags


It’s Christmas (well, almost). And what says Christmas more than a donkey’s ass? A donkey did carry the Virgin Mary to Bethlehem for baby Jesus birthing purposes, after all. But this one is carrying something (almost) as precious – an Acne bag. A collection of them, in fact – Acne’s new set, the Acne Studios Bags – entitled the Rope, the Buckle and the Hero, a collection designed to evolve with the brand over time. Acne bags aren’t just for Christmas, oh no. “For me a bag is more than an object, it’s a personal thing,” said Jonny Johansson, Creative Director. “When I started looking at bags, the intention was not to do an “it-bag”, but to explore the world of bags and create different styles and characters. I really enjoy designing bags since it’s so sculptural, almost like creating a piece of art.” So, let’s get to know the three new styles. First, there’s the Rope bag, with rope stitching around the edges, “used to organically reduce the volume of the bags”, which comes as a messenger, a hip bag and a backpack. The Buckle, on the other hand, was inspired by “Jonny’s fascination with the uselessness of champagne bags” and the buckle-top designed to resemble the top of a pair of jeans. So too does the Hero, its sister style – basically the Buckle turned into a large shopper. Click below to find out more…