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I was photographed for Candy. In Paris, by Andreas Larsson. Then the picture was dropped. Not that that would in anyway mean non party attendance. I would have loved to be there, but my presence was required elsewhere. Which is real shame as it looked really fun. And I could have made a day of it. Lunch, dinner and party cocktails at Bistrotheque to make up for the four years of not darkening it’s door. Oh well. I promise to be first through the door at the next one. 

Man of the hour? Day? Host with the most. Mr Jonny Johansson & Lykee Li.

Louise Wilson sandwiched between Acne’s Christoffer Lundeman & Thomas Persson.

Jodie Harsh avec Candy’s Luis Veneges.

Jeanette making her grand entrance.

Jonathan Saunders, Murray Arthur and Louise Gray.

Jonny Woo in full fiesta regalia.

Lulu Kennedy and Starworks’ George MacPherson.


by Antony Miles