Wednesday 15th April

| BY 10Magazine

Acne Studios First Eyewear Collection

The sun is out! And so, naturally, London’s Pale Janes and Pasty Johns are too, flashing their flesh and catching some rays. And guess what else is out? Acne Studios’ first eyewear range. “We’ve always made eyewear pieces, but never before a full collection,” explained the brand’s creative director Jonny Johansson. “I wanted to introduce new styles, and refine our previous designs, to create Acne Studios Eyewear. For this first collection, I’ve drawn on my role models in music as inspiration.” So what are these new styles? Well, there’s some Mustangs, some aviators and some Spitfires. They’ve each been given a makeover courtesy of Jonny et al – a thick rim here, a yellow lens there. One thing’s for sure, a pair of these babies is an essential summer buy for the style-savvy sun-worshipper.

By Ted Stansfield