Monday 30th April

| BY 10Magazine

Acne Studios Snowdon Blue Book Collection


This May, Acne studios launch their first book Snowdon Blue, grouping together a series of images by Lord Snowdon in which iconic subjects, ranging from David Bowie through Yves saint Laurent feature, each attired in plain blue shirts. The photographer saw this as an important aspect of his portraits, creating ‘a simple backdrop that leaves us to focus on the sitters face without being distracted.’  An almost unavoidable point of design inspiration, Acne have gone on to create a series of 8 shirts in shades of blue, that have an authentically simple, almost uniform quality. To celebrate the whole collaboration, a touring exhibit of Snowdon portraits, will feature in select Acne Studios. Team 10 will attend the shows first stop in Dover Street London on Thursday evening (pictures to follow), before it travels on to Paris, New York and Stockholm. We’ll be needing several of the shirts, as undistracted admiration of our faces is (obviously) just what we’ve been hankering for.

by Vincent Levy