Wednesday 29th August

| BY Dino Bonacic

The New Acne Studios Collab Is Putting the S in Swedish


And no, it doesn’t involve Ikea. The ultimate Swedish fashion brand has just dropped the bomb about collaborating with another icon of Swedish design, the outerwear brand Fjällräven. Yes, it’s those foxy backpacks all the kids are wearing. Uniting together in their Swedishness, Fjällräven and Acne are bringing you the best of both worlds, a collection of bags, accessories and unisex ready-to-wear that combines the practicality and the personality into one big bundle of wearable joy.

The classic Kanken bags are reimagined through a fashion lens – as a clutch bag, a messenger bag or a classic backpack (but in a new colourway). The original backpacks were first popularised in Sweden as children’s school bags, a fact that was the starting point for Acne’s Creative Director Jonny Johannson. Interpreting the spirit of youth through prints, colours and the pure playfulness of how kids dress has translated into a winter-ready collection of puffer jackets, cargo trousers and tees in primary colours. It’s kinda like a children’s collection for adults, and we’re all about that juvenile lifestyle here at Ten.

The cherry on top of the collection is the reinvention of the classic Fjällräven logo. The signature bold font now also spells Acne Studios – and we all know Acne has a thing about fonts. “It’s really great seeing our brand name in their lettering. It encapsulates the respect and admiration that is at the heart of the collaboration,” Johansson says about this unique approach. But font or no font, this is a collab that puts smiles on people’s faces. And you don’t need to speak Swedish to understand that this is exactly what the world needs. Colours, print, and functional clothes. Ja, tack!

The Acne Studios x Fjällräven collection is launching online on September 6th.

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