Friday 4th May

| BY Roxy Lola

Adam Levine Is The Face Of Saint Laurent’s New Y Scent

ysl_mainSaint Laurent and Anthony Vaccarello sure do love a rockstar. Or popstar? Not sure what we’d label Adam Levine but he is definitely a star, the star of the new YSL Beauté fragrance, Y. Simple. To the point. Forget the SL. “Everything starts with a why,” Saint Laurent explain a la release. This is true, we always do have a lot of questions. Apparently this fragrance is for the man who has, “come far, so far. Pushed his way to the top, but keeps pushing. And he’ll never stop.” So we expect total motivation and determination with the application of such a promising fragrance. We don’t know much about the actual smell of the scent, but it’s Saint Laurent and so we expect something subtle, cool, mysterious. The kind of men we want to meet will wear it. Like Adam. “It’s incredible to be expanding my role with YSL Beauté and to be able to reach out to a global audience via a brand which I’ve always loved for its standout style and innovation,” he said. “Continuing the story of Y is important to me – it’s easy to relate to the passion and strong sense of individuality that the house of YSL imparts, but importantly it also feels right for now, for the creative generation of today.” Yep, that’s us. Saturate us in Saint Laurent.