Monday 17th August

| BY Paul Toner

Escape To The Countryside With Jamie Hawkesworth’s Latest Alexander McQueen Campaign

Alexander McQueen and Jamie Hawkesworth go together like bread and butter, you can’t have one without the other. Would you look at that, it rhymes and all!  It’s hard to believe this rather fantastic photographer was only taking pictures inside Preston bus station a few years back and is now the go-to photographer for one of the most prestigious fashion houses worldwide. In previous campaigns, Hawkesworth has taken the McQueen woman to the scenic views of St Ives in Cornwall, and desert landscapes far away from drizzly England (I mean, what’s happened to all that good weather?) Now for AW20, she has made the journey back home – up’t North somewhere, we presume – in an English countryside setting. Both Hawkesworth and McQueen’s creative director Sarah Burton are constant champions of the North in both their respective practices, so this campaign obviously turned out gorgeous. Models Anok Yai, Sora Choi and Jill Kortleve look regal when posed in under Hawkesworth’s sun-kissed light – carrying the Tall Story Bag and sporting sharp suiting as well as clean, white frocks made from silk faille. Whoever said it’s grim up North obviously needs their eyes checked.

Photographs by Jamie Hawkesworth.