Wednesday 12th July

| BY Finn Blythe

Alexander McQueen Go To Iceland For Their AW17 Campaign

Alexander McQueen know how to do a campaign, don’t they?  No mucking about here – Jamie Hawkesworth and Rianne Von Rompaey were shipped straight off to Iceland to capture some of that sweet, sweet eternal light they get up there, and create these wonderfully contrasted photographs as they do so. Apparently, the idea behind the trip was to draw parallels with the Cornish countryside, which inspired the collection. On the subject, here are some rather fabulous facts on the island nation: they have the highest consumption of Coca-Cola per capita in the world, there isn’t a single McDonalds in the country, and most spectacular of all, they were the first country to elect both female and openly gay Prime Ministers. Very progressive. But the campaign. We like the juxtaposition of the imagery, that ragged, blustery looking beach twinned with the very snug indoors – hot, cold, hot, cold, it’s enough to give you chilblains.