Monday 18th January

| BY Jack Moss

Alexander McQueen: SS16 Campaign

And here we have what Will might describe as a “radiant beauty”, coming to you courtesy of red-haired it-model Natalie Westling, photographed by legendary photog David Sims for Alexander McQueen’s Spring Summer 2015 campaign. Look at how she prances amongst the long grasses! As if in she is in some beautiful cult-based ritual of worship – I’m thinking back to that film where the youngest Olsen sister gets inducted to a cult, but it’s alright because she wears lots of pretty dresses and frolics in corn fields etc. I forget the name. But Natalie Westling is no one-trick pony, no, watch her transform into a glamazon in the opposing black and work images, perfectling a sassy, slightly grumpy down-the-barrel stare. Which is what the campaign is about – duality – exploring the opposition between “Natalie outdoors in a light and dreamy landscape highlighting the soft femininity of the collection against strong, direct monochromatic portraits of her in tailored pieces.” For what woman isn’t a bit of both?