Thursday 10th December

| BY Jack Moss

Alexander McQueen To Show In London

Alexander McQueen

News, hot off the fashion presses – in an announcement today, Alexander McQueen have revealed that they will show their ladies ready-to-wear in London next season. Why? Well – it is all very hush hush as yet – all the unnamed “spokesperson” has said is “we wanted to look at doing something different for the season.” How cryptic! We await with baited breath. Naturally, we are for anything that does not require the travel across borders. We’d also like to put in a request (Sarah, are you listening?) that the show will take place is within a 500 metre radius of the office. These legs weren’t made for walking. But, like all good affairs should be – it will be but a brief return to the homeland, the house returning to Paris the season after. There is one thing that we know for sure – the date. 7pm on Sunday, February 21. Go forth and fill your diaries!

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans, taken backstage at Alexander McQueen SS16