Friday 6th May

| BY Jack Moss

All About Gucci: Ari Marcopoulos’ Epiphany Book

Epiphany 1

Much joy is to be derived from IDEA Books’ latest publication, Epiphany, a catalogue of Gucci wonders photographed by legendary photog Ari Marcopoulos. Ari and Alessandro – what a delicious combination! Have the tendency to get rather flustered when discussing Gucci. Heart palps and all. Apologies if we’re a bit… sweaty. Just yesterday, we all got a bit excited by a neon-orange embellished wooly hat by the Italian house that emerged in the office. Duly, almost every head in Ten Towers was inserted into it. Don’t worry. We’re clean.

Mr IDEA Books (aka the press release), is also rather excited – “Gucci is the creative excitement, Alessandro Michele the designer, Ari Marcopoulos the photography. This book is the energy… it is better than anyone (save for Alessandro and Ari of course) could possibly imagine. These lo-fi photocopied photographic pages are LEGEND already”. Oof. Marcopoulos adds, “for seven days we photographed Alessandro’s collection, as the days went on our surroundings made me feel equally in Roman times of the past and solidly in the present and future. Above all, we were having a good time which would have pleased Dionysus.”

Epiphany 2

And the best bit? Each copy comes in a shiny pink Jiffy bag, complete with Gucci snake detail. Haven’t shown Phoebe yet (she’s our magpie maven Editorial Director) but undoubtedly if I did, much mouth foaming would occur. And we wouldn’t blame her. This one’s a beauty.

There will be signings of the book at Dover Street Market London on June 12th and at Gucci Museo Florence (during Pitti Uomo) on June 16th. After that, the book (unsigned) will be available (in whatever quantity remains from the edition of 1000) at the world’s best bookshops and online. /