Friday 19th August

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Altuzarra Reveals Debut Accessories Campaign


Living in the city we rarely get a chance to get out into the countryside. Being a native Londoner I didn’t even know what a tree was until I went on a school trip to Cumbria. It’s all just grey and buildings everywhere. New York is even worse. Maybe Joseph Altuzarra feels the same in the Big Apple because for his AW16 accessories campaign (coincidentally his first) it displays his leather creations amongst some foliage. Like a deer grazing in the forest. Apparently the campaign was inspired by florals and the idea of ‘Winter Garden’ but it doesn’t feel wintery to me. More autumnal. Think pumpkin spiced latte rather than mulled wine. And just like a pumpkin spiced latte the campaign warms you from the inside. Makes me want to run through a cornfield barefoot with my boyfriend Quinoa. He’s a hippy. And whilst it might not have been a necessity for me to have an accessory whilst connecting with nature after these pictures I can’t think of life without it. So if anyone needs me I’ll be twirling in the back garden with my Mahogany Knot Saddle. Thanks Joseph.