Thursday 7th January

| BY Jack Moss

Amanda Wakeley: Draycott Avenue Store

Where do you go for your “luxury essentials”? Your satin cuffed cashmeres? Leather and suede leggings? Italian crafted handbags? Well, wherever you’re going, you’re getting it wrong. For there is a place, a wonderful, mystical place, where all these things reside under one roof – Amanda Wakeley’s brand new store on 167 Draycott Avenue in Chelsea. Now yes, I heard you cry, but she has stores already – but this one is going to be the first to solely sell her ready-to-wear collection. No longer can a woman only be Wakeley-fied of an evening at at a wedding, but 365 days a year – “luxurious leisure wear that can be worn everyday for women of all ages.” Which is great news. Apparently, it will look much like the flagship on 18 Albemarle Street – “clean white walls, gold rails and delicate light features.” As demonstrated in the lovely pictures above. So get to Draycott Avenue and become the inner Amanda that you always knew you could be.

Amdnda Wakeley’s new store is open on 167 Draycott Avenue in Chelsea now…