Thursday 12th December

| BY Paul Toner

Ana Khouri Designs a Collection of Emerald Jewels in Partnership with The Row

When you think back to the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy did quite a share bit in order to reach the Emerald City. She followed the yellow brick road, met three strange characters along the way and feared for her life at the possibility of encountering lions, tigers and bears – oh my! If only Dorothy had this stunning collection of jewels courtesy of Ana Khouri and The Row in her life, she could’ve saved herself the trip.

Made from ethically sourced emeralds and 18k fairmined gold, the three-piece collection consists of a ring, earrings and a chunkier ear cuff. Each in a vivid shade of green, they carry the ethereal kind of beauty akin to of the sort of gems you would find buried in your mother’s jewellery box. “It’s a sculptural gem-encrusted piece made in Emeralds especially with and for The Row,” says Ana Khouri. “I’m trained as a sculptor and I still sculpt as a study to create these pieces. I’m glad to explore my work as an artist, not only as a jeweller.” The Brazilian-born jewellery designer won the ANDAM Accessory Award back in 2017 and is the only contemporary jeweller to have pieces on sale amongst a chorus of divine vintage jewels at The Row’s London Flagship store, which opened in October. We bet this divine collection looks fantastic on the Olsen twins – and particularly dashing when paired with a Dorothy-esque blue and white gingham dress.

Ana Khouri’s edition pieces are available at The Row’s New York and Los Angeles stores.