Thursday 27th September

| BY 10Magazine

Ann Demeulemeester Another Blast From My Rather


Another blast from my rather long past ( its my birthday tomorrow I’ll be 43 DREADFUL) – I use to wear this label head to toe! We still love her calm corner in Dover Street Market very much. Last season her hair was incredible – the girls looked like avian assassins who were about to pull a barbed feather out of their hair and aim it straight for you. Black is the best colour to wear full stop – you can roll out of bed and fling it all on but still let people know that you’d rather they didn’t talk to you or even look at you. This time she mixed it up with purple, Silver and nude. Loved the shortness of it all. Anyone for a quick pre show lunch by any chance?

By Antony Miles with a lot of help from mystic Jack Sunnucks