Thursday 8th December

| BY 10Magazine


Antonio Berardi shot by Maria Ziegelboeck for 10 Men Issue 26: Summer/ Autumn 2011.

1. Lana Del Rey to record a version of Winter Wonderland in her own inimitable and hauntingly beautiful way just for me. 

2. Hollywood- The Pioneers to be released on DVD and the soundtrack to this amazing series to be released on CD, so that I can put Carl Davis’ version of Tango Di Valentino on my iPod.

3. Acne Black Sheepskin MA1 Flight Jacket. 

4. Reliquaries of any kind to add to my collection, and a black moire button through Priests cassock for parties. 

5. A Photograph by Patti Smith to have by my bedside. 

6. A guest appearance on 30 Rock. 

7. An illustration by David Downton and one by Tony Viramontes to hang side by side. 

8. A Tom Ford dickie-bow for Bruno my Bull Terrier. 

9. A perfectly mixed snowball to remember Christmas past. 

10. Peace, so the world knows what it’s like to live without fear and hatred. 

by Antonio Berardi: