Cyborg Dreaming: Circa Commissions Arca to Create Digital Artworks Using AI

If you found yourself trapped in the capital over the Christmas period – darn you pesky Omicron – you might’ve spotted a series of warped, digital artworks projected across Piccadilly Circus. These are the creations of experimental artist Arca, who is the first artist to kick off Circa’s 2022 program.

Arca, who rounded off the year by releasing four albums in a week – pretty impressive stuff, if you ask us – has concocted series of artworks that blend handmade artworks with StyleGAN, a “machine learning technology used to generate people, objects, and landscapes that have never existed”.

In creating these new virtual worlds, Arca says: “I hope you are compelled by these interpolated paintings of mine to take a moment and let the visual ASMR produce pleasure, allow for a moment of respite and solace, the experience of warped beauty.”

Playing across Piccadilly Circus’ screens throughout January, Arca fans in Los Angeles, Melbourne, Tokyo and beyond will be able to see the artworks in action at specific locations at 8:22pm each day for the entire month.

“Arca’s constant forward momentum has resulted in some of the decade’s most progressive and culturally significant work,” says Josef O’Connor, artistic director of Circa. “A true polymath, I am moved by her courage and honoured to present this collaboration fusing art with technology to generate new possibilities.”

Alongside the sci-fi-inspired works, Arca has created 22 limited-edition screenprints (priced at £1,000) and a time-limited print that will disappear on January 31 (£122) – with all proceeds going to fund Circa’s programme.

Shop the prints and find out where you can watch Arca’s virtual artworks here.

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