Friday 26th July

| BY 10 Magazine

What Will Team Ten Wear to Storm Area 51?

As Ten Towers (and its members) begin to melt amongst the confusion of heatwaves, Love Island drama and the new Prime Minister, the idea of heading to Nevada for a school trip seems like a good idea. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you will have September 20th marked down in your calendar. 1.9 million people (and counting) have already RSVP’d to raid the Area 51, a highly classified United States Air Force facility suspected to be holding actual aliens. Thinking of what to wear when meeting the little green ones might not be everyone’s priority, but it definitely is ours. That’s why we decided to ask members of Ten to select their Area 51-friendly looks. Now you’ll know what to look out for amongst the commotion when trying to catch a glimpse of Garth Spencer’s broad shoulders, making him easily mistaken for a member of the Air Force…

Sophia Neophitou, Editor-in-Chief

Definitely my favourite Azzedine combo. ‘Cause if I get abducted, I wanna be looking good. Plus, you would never need to walk so I’d be permanently levitating.”

Garth Spencer, Executive Fashion Director

“I would likely wear the jacket from the Look 7 from the AW07 Prada men’s show which I have. It’s that collection with teddy furs and a black resin catwalk – the Aliens will definitely know it. It had those wet looks that looked like they came out of water and had a primal edge to them too. A bit like the caveman from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but evaluated and evolved now. I’d finish them with a pair of black thigh high Calvin Klein fireman boots from AW18, in case I need to wade through slime. They are aliens after all. I’d also need to have my air pods fully charged. No cords here.”

Michella Oré, Fashion Intern:

“A loose, white button-up blouse, black denim shorts and my Eytys Phoenix dress shoes. Comfortable and functional while putting my best foot forward.”

Helena Fletcher, Fashion & Features Assistant

“I mean it’s hot in Nevada, right? Wouldn’t want to dress up too much in case we get turned away or shot at, so maybe some zip off activity trousers with a short sleeved button-down shirt or a fun t-shirt from Aries or Stüssy with some funky graphics on so we have something to talk about.  On my feet I’d wear a pair of Salomon trainers and sensible socks to anticipate a speedy getaway. It would pragmatically also double as a suitable outfit for a hike if it didn’t go to plan. Why waste a trip?”

Phoebe Briggs, Editorial Director

“Have you met me? Black jeans, black shirt, black shoes – obviously.”

Paul Toner, Features Assistant

“I’d wear this final look from the Louis Vuitton’s SS19 men’s collection because they’d probably end up killing me anyway, so I might as well dress the part.”

Zac Apostolou, Digital & Content Editor

“Unfortunately I really don’t think we will get to meet the aliens, just the oncoming bullets and various projectiles from the US Army. Therefore, I would personally wear nothing, as you’re born naked so I guess I should die naked too?”

Niamh Rooney, Fashion Intern

“When storming Area 51, I want my alien and I to create a colourful vision that their mates from space can see – I don’t want anyone to feel left out of the chaos. When it comes to my outfit, I would have to wear a pair of super platform Converse, preferably in a bright slime green, with neon pink socks pulled high up! In order to make sure I keep up with my “earthly” image, a clashing boiler suit. I’d also bring an identical matching one for my alien twin. Seeing as it’s going to be ridiculously hot and I am a ginger, I would have to bring a bum bag packed with factor 50 suncream, some Lucozade tablets (because I tend to faint in the heat) and a bandana to protect my scalp, of course! I just hope my alien appreciates a boiler-suit as much as I do.”

Dino Bonacic, Online Editor

“Since all aliens are gay and have great taste for vintage fashion, I’d dress up in a full Pride outfit. Perhaps cinched in one of Thierry Mugler’s tailored rainbow jackets and a pair of those Gucci platform trainers. And once we’re done with getting rid of all the boring people, the aliens and I would go down to the Las Vegas strip for the Lady Gaga’s residency Enigma. I’ll show them a good time…”

Katherine Jenkins, Deputy Art Director

“As my plan to marry to an EU citizen to escape the Brexit nightmare isn’t working out for me, my new tactic is to just leave the planet entirely. Obviously we don’t know what the aliens look like but I feel like this kinetic Iris Van Herpen look is out of the world and they will presume I am one of their own. Hopefully, I won’t get found out before we board the spaceship.”