Thursday 28th June

| BY Roxy Lola

ASOS Collaborate With GLAAD For Pride

The countdown to Pride 2018 is on and we are seeing through rainbow coloured glasses. Or denim, in ASOS’s case. Ahead of Pride, ASOS have partnered with LGBTQ+ charity GLAAD to provide a 22-piece collection that does not discriminate. It’s for the people, all of the people coming in both plus and curve sizing, and is non-gendered. It’s our kinda collection where we can buy every piece. Necessities for London Pride, obvs. It’s Pride-flag themed, the words unity and equality infused into logos and with clever casting for the campaign, it is filling our current pride-themed hearts. Actor Tommy Dorfman, RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Pearl and photographer Quil Lemons are some of the fab faces ASOS has reigned in. “It’s really cool to have this platform to be openly black and queer because I can use my voice to speak for people who are not always heard or do not feel comfortable speaking for themselves,” said Lemons. “In the past, we had to fight for this space and I know that we are still fighting. Being queer is something you should be proud of and something that you should take pride in. You are special and being gay is like putting the cherry on top of all of that specialness.” Mhm, mhm, loves it. Thanks ASOS and GLAAD for creating our Pride lewks for next week. Making us proud.

The collection is available now.