Monday 12th October

| BY Jennifer Raymont

It’s Time to Kit out the Kids with the Christian Dior Atelier Capsule Collection

Here at Ten, our childhood wardrobes consisted mainly of patterned dungarees, mismatched Converse and the occasional embellished, floral dress our Grandmothers bought to match with our siblings (something kids nowadays could only dream of). Fortunately for them, the embarrassment of looking through old photo albums can be avoided with Dior’s new children’s collection. Echoing the Dior men’s autumn/winter 2021 collection, the house has created the cutest mini-me capsule collection.

Putting an end to current trends of dressing your kids up in highly ridiculous – not to mention uncomfortable – clothing, Dior is letting practicality reign supreme. The collection, and its accompanying campaign shoot, makes for some seriously cool six-year-olds. Monochrome hoodies, tees and trackies all come branded with Dior iconic ’30 Avenue Montaigne’ address. And more recently, the baby streetwear collection now also comes in pastel pink, blue and grey (with Christmas coming up maybe it’s time to treat the kids to one in every colour?).

The campaign shoot sees three of the most adorable kids wreaking havoc, as you’d expect, in the Dior atelier. Wearing the collection as well as some other Dior Monogrammed accessories – all we can say is we hope there weren’t any chocolate-covered, sticky fingers near the clothes!

Photography courtesy of Dior. The new ‘Baby Dior’ atelier capsule collection is available online and in select stores now.