Monday 4th July

| BY Jack Moss

Backstage At Vetements Special Show At Couture

To Vetementize. To make something Vetements. Or several things for that matter. Seventeen iconic brands reimagined by the Parisian wunderkinds – Levi’s, Juicy Couture, Brioni – perhaps the most prolific collaborative work since Barbara Streisand’s Duets album. Juicy couture sweatsuits made slinky, flapping Carhartt dungarees. All in the setting of Galleries Lafayette, nuzzled on the shop floor between other brands and peering shoppers. But even so – there was no doubting this was Vetements, their now infamous fashion language spoken throughout – the floral granny dress was back on Lotta, so too was the Polezei logo and the Antwerpen sweater. And those (can we call them waist-high?) Manolo boots – VV. Very Vetements. Too much for this evening? Now, all we are left wondering is: Demna et al, could you take our wardrobe and Vetemntize it too?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans