Wednesday 7th June

| BY Finn Blythe

Balenciaga Open Their First American Demna-Designed Store On Madison Avenue

Would it be wrong to liken Balenciaga’s shiny new store on Madison Avenue to an industrial-scale drug lab? Probably. But we’re going for it. Sparse, lots of steel, strip lighting etc. etc. And, like those products that may be created in an industrial scale drug lab, the products found within said store, like any half-decent narcotic, are both highly stimulating and addictive. At which point we should state that, for legal purposes, we are not condoning illegal drug use (just say no kids!) and would like to have the record know that here at Ten Towers we believe purchasing Balenciaga is a far more sustainable way to get your rocks off. But, just to string out this whole lab thing even further than it ever should have been stretched – Balenciaga have a lot of hungry mouths to feed, mouths that have been frothing in anticipation taste of Demna and his subversive fashions ever since he took the wheel of the house back in 2015. And those fashions find a suitable home here – minimal, clinical, stripped back. The new store will feature three works from American sculptor Mark Jenkins as well as a nice Balenciaga-branded carpet (the one from their women’s Fall runway) which we think would go very nicely in Ten HQ. Sending measurements now.

The new Balenciaga boutique is open now at 840 Madison Avenue.