Tuesday 24th May

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Balenciaga: Pre-Fall 2016

Fashion sure is getting confusing. It’s fast. And crazy. “Isn’t it Resort?” said Will. “But some people are showing Pre-Fall” weighed in Jack. Basically everyone is just showing what they want, whenever they want. But who gives a fuck about confusion (or even seasons) it’s all about the fab fashions. And it doesn’t get more fab than the new Balenciaga – designed by Demna Gvasalia (duh!). Or is it? Apparently the Pre-Fall was designed by the internal team in the interim between the transfer from Wang to Gvasalia. Or was it? It’s hard not to see Demna’s (and Vetements’) voice speaking loud and clear through the clothes. Especially that hoodie. Who is wearing it? Well it could be anyone. Even me perhaps? Maybe it was an ode to Demna, just before he started. Like a ‘welcome to the team’ gift. I’m still awaiting my gift for joining at 10 (hint, hint). Anyway, back to the clothes. Just like the design team probably are, the wearer is deep in what looks like the Balenciaga archives. What treasures could be found there? I’d give my right leg to have a wander through, and I won’t be blamed for anything that happens to go missing. Favourites here at Ten Towers? The large pink check shawl with matching trousers for Will. The furry red coat with the floral hooded dress for Jack – very Kate Bush Babooska. And for me? Well it would have to be the long, black tuxedo jacket worn with gold pumps. Perfect for a swanky dinner with my sugar daddy.