Tuesday 31st May

| BY Jack Moss

Bella Hadid The Lovely New Face Of Dior Make-Up

Bella Hadid Dior

Currently considering changing last name to Hadid. Might make some cash that way. Because, just this morning, it was announced that younger sister of the Hadid variety, Bella, will be the brand new face of Dior make-up, their latest “ambassador”. And what a fucking face. Imagine the joy of swiping blusher upon those exquisite cheekbones, lipstick to those pillows of lips, mascara to those oh-so-long eyelashes. Lucky Peter Phillips, Dior’s make-up artist extraordinaire, then, who will appear in a set of videos entitled, “Dior Make-Up Live with Bella Hadid,” a “beauty-focused web series” which will begin on June 6 where he plies her visage with maquillage and she discusses all her favourite things. And, as a preview, Bella will walk in Dior’s Cruise 2017 show, taking place in Blenheim Palace this afternoon. And will most likely, unlike us, not resemble anything like a drowned rat. Congratulations Bella!