Friday 12th March

| BY Emily Phillips

Barbie’s Ken Doll Gets the Berluti Treatment

Ken has just made a comeback, and yes, we’re talking about Barbie’s Ken. Premiering yesterday in celebration of the iconic toy’s 60th birthday, Berluti has teamed up with Mattel to create three one-of-a-kind, dapper Ken dolls.

Clad in the Berluti x Brian Rochefort collaboration, a diverse cast of Kens, positioned around a Berluti beach buggy manufactured by Hot Wheels, are reimagined for the 21st century. A brown leather jacket is layered over a short-sleeved silk shirt emblazoned with lively colours, while elasticated trousers and braided calf leather Camden shoes complete the look. A Prince of Wales double-breasted suit with a collaborative logo t-shirt elevates the original Ken doll from Barbie’s boo to a fashion force in his own right. In his hand is a mini rendition of the Berluti Nino clutch inscribed with the Berluti x Ken interlaced logo. The final Ken is styled in an abstract printed shirt tucked into sartorially sophisticated trousers, cinched in by a peanut-colour belt and paired with braided calf leather Stellar trainers.

“Throughout Ken’s iconic history, cultural relevance and diversity have been core to his evolution. These themes perfectly align with Berluti’s fashion and values, so it made total sense to come together to celebrate Ken’s 60th anniversary”, says Mattel senior director of Barbie design, Robert Best. By now, we bet you’re gagging to get your hands on a Berluti Ken doll and all its accompanying clothes, but don’t stress, because this isn’t just a collection for plastic people. Along with the dolls comes two shoppable products: a Berluti x Ken logo t-shirt matching the one worn by the blonde Ken, and a Nino clutch in a superimposed Berluti-logo canvas with Venezia leather detailing and a California Blue patina.

The trio of Berluti Ken’s will be digitally auctioned off in May – seize your chance! What’s really special is that proceeds from the auction will go toward the Make-A-Wish* foundation, which is dedicated to making dreams into a reality for children around the world with critical illnesses. Creative director Kris Van Assche, who worked on developing the collection, adds: “During such a restrictive time, it felt joyful and liberating going into fantasy mode to create all these products and this storytelling. Ultimately, it all goes back to the idea of dreaming.”

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