Monday 23rd April

| BY Roxy Lola

Beyoncé Wears More Balmain at Coachella Weekend Two

bey_mainRing the alarm, Beychella Weekend Two has officially been and gone. It’s been a popular topic of conversation in the office this past week: what will Beyoncé do for Coachella Weekend Two? Will she perform the same routine? Will Destiny’s Child reunite again? But most importantly… what will she WEAR? We now have answers. Whilst performing the entire same routine, Queen Bey wore a new line-up of five looks. Still Balmain, of course. Sighs of relief. She is no outfit repeater. It began with another Queen Nefertiti of Egypt inspired look, this time with an even bigger and better headpiece that matched her head to toe silver look- right down to those little boots that she so gracefully glided in. The leotard and cape were also silver surfing, shimmering in the night. The most memorable costume, that honey yellow silk sweatshirt, was reloaded in an electrifying hot pink, with sleeves embellished, and larger than life glittering hoop earrings. The mesh, coat-of-armed top was switched up for a sequinned pink edition that hung loose, that same Beyhive badge of honour still emblazoned, superman style on the front. A black cat-woman latex body suit had that Sasha Fierce feeling, slicked on to sing with Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin, as he performed his hit Mi Gente – Beyoncé did back up vocals. A sentence we never thought we’d say. Jay Z and Solange also made guest appearances, the whole Knowles-Carter clan out to play. To perform with Destiny’s Child, Bey and the girls changed out of the camo bodysuits and into sharply shoulder padded wrapped leotards, crystallised, glimmering. While last weeks epic extravaganza had more military vibes, this week’s costumes felt more powered up on glamour. And so she partied into the night, a series of fabulous Freakum dresses. Beychella, the best thing we ever had.

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