Monday 25th April

| BY Jack Moss

Beyoncé’s Lemonade: The Looks

At 11.36am on Sunday, I received a text message from Dominic. “omg it’s here,” it read. That’s all he needed to say. It was the moment, after months of deep Beyoncé thirst, that the world was finally quenched with the sweet sweet taste of Queen B’s Lemonade. Yes, all 1 hour 4 minutes of it. “Lying in bed on Saturday morning, I just lay back and had like, the rapture or something” says Dominic. “Like I’d been touched by God.” In honour of the 1 hour four minute visual extravaganza, and defining moment in Dominic and I’s lives, I am handing over to resident Bey expert, Mr Cadogan, to run us through some of those looks.

1. Because what else to wear to smash up boo’s car than a new season Roberto Cavalli dress? “It’s a bit like, pared down carnival. Peasant-y,” says Dominic.

Beyonce 1

2. This is one of Dominic’s favourite looks. “This one is like, she’s gone for a run, and then she walks into a car park for a dance battle, and she has the cornrows, and the cornrows make her streamlined, so she wins”.

Beyonce 2

3. “Lady of the Manor. But with a drip of ho.”

Beyonce 3

4. “This is like, voodoo. Can I say that? Weak Angela Bassett. Kind of burning man, rave, desert-y. ”

Beyonce 4

5. “Beach wedding,” Dominic says. “Wait, wait – second marriage beach wedding.”

Beyonce 5

6. “Oh, I don’t like that hair. Can we skip this one?”

Beyonce 7

7. “Yaaaaaas. This is amazing. Bronzed godddess. Nubian queen!”

Beyonce 6

8. “Phoenix risen from the ashes. She burns. She. Is. Beyonce.

Beyonce 9

Photographs courtesy of HBO