Wednesday 27th April

| BY Jack Moss

BFC Announces British Fashion Awards Makeover

British Fashion Awards

This morning, in a grand ceremony, the British Fashion Council (namely the lovely Dame Natalie Massenet and equally lovely Caroline Rush) announced a makeover for this year’s British Fashion Awards, or, as they now must be known, the Fashion Awards 2016. Oooh. Because they are an international event now, gorge. And we are promised it will be huge, mammoth, fabulous. Held once again in collaboration with that purveyor of all things sparkling, Swarovski, as the blurb tells us, “the Fashion Awards 2016 will celebrate the best of British and international talent from the global fashion community, in London.” The main aim of the upgrade is to raise money for scholarship programs at Britain’s fashion universities through the British Fashion Council Education Foundation charity. As one-time students who are now considering selling kidneys or other harvestable organs for cash, we applaud this move wholeheartedly.

Dame Natalie Massenet, BFC Chairman said of the awards this morning, “our aim is to make the Fashion Awards 2016 bigger and better than ever and will celebrate the global fashion industry. Nadja and her team at Swarovski have made these awards possible and we are thrilled to be working in partnership with them once again. As a global industry we should make a commitment to support talented people from all backgrounds to fulfil their dreams and access the best universities in the world… London is seen as the capital for the most creative new talent in the world that provides talent and energy for the global fashion industry.”

And, in honour of the makeover, the awards will relocate to an “iconic London venue” – the Royal Albert Hall. We presume they call it iconic for it’s appearance at the end of Spiceworld: The Movie. Which Dominic and I are now watching.  “I’d be posh,” I say. “No, you’d be Baby. But now. Like 50-year-old Emma Bunton. Irrelevant”. Thanks Dominic!