Wednesday 2nd December

| BY Dominic Cadogan

BFC Announces NEWGEN AW16 Recipients

NEWGEN AW16 Recipients

After a short interlude, we are back with the Christmas related posts. There’s that Christmas song about somebody’s true love and giving them strange presents. On the second day of Christmas their true love gave to them two turtledoves. I’m not sure why anybody would want a turtledove, let alone two but I guess different strokes for different folks. Here at Ten Towers, on the second day of Christmas (well actually December) we are giving to you the designers who will be supported by NEWGEN, sponsored by Topshop to showcase their AW16 collections during LFW. Ashley Williams, Claire Barrow, Danielle Romeril, Faustine Steinmetz, Marta Jakubowski, Molly Goddard, Ryan Lo and Sadie Williams all pictured above are the lucky bunch. And they’re tonnes better than a turtledove.