Friday 15th May

| BY 10Magazine

Bfcgq Designer Menswear Shortlist Announced


Five fine young fashion designers – Astrid Anderson, Christopher Raeburn, E. Tautz, Matthew Miller and Sibling – have been nominated for the BFC/GQ designer menswear fund 2015. A committee, which includes the BFC’s Caroline Rush and GQ’s Dylan Jones, will decide the winner. A bit like the X Factor minus the public vote. “The opportunities surrounding menswear are still underexploited, which is why we at GQ thought it was so important to launch this menswear fund,” Dylan commented. “With this year’s outstanding shortlist of talented designers it’ll be hard to predict the winner – each of them is in good shape to scoop fashion’s biggest menswear prize.” It will indeed be hard to predict. But for now, we would like to wish the five designers many congratulations on reaching this stage. And nothing says congratulations more, we feel, than pink hair and ripped abs à la Sibling.