Friday 31st January

| BY Paul Toner

Birkenstock Release The Next Chapter of their Personality Campaign

What makes a decent pair of shoes? Some will say that’s a sturdy sole, others are more interested in the hue, the silhouette or how much they can batter their beloved go-tos before they become so tatty they’re basically unwearable. Whatever the deciding factor, when picking your next footwear purchase, it takes a fellow cordwainer to truly understand the love and affection that has gone into crafting an excellent pair of shoes. That being said, it makes sense for fellow shoemakers to celebrate one another, and the latest Birkenstock campaign does exactly that.

Continuing its Personality Campaign, which has seen the likes of Grace Coddington, Terry and Tricia Jones and Nobel Prize-winner Thomas Südhof pose with their beloved pair of Birkenstocks, SS20 sees the German brand celebrating a legendary shoe-maker in his own right, Manolo Blahnik. Posing alongside his niece and company CEO, Kristina Blahnik, Manolo pairs his crimson red Anderson Shepherd suit with a fantastic pair of Black Bostons. Kristina sports her own classic Birkenstock Gizehs which she bought all the way back in 2004, still in excellent condition.“I have always admired Birkenstock; the brand has genuine authenticity and continually remain true to their values, which I adore,” said Manolo in a statement. Kristina echoes the same notion: “Birkenstock share values synonymous with our own at Manolo Blahnik – heritage, family and integrity.” Starring alongside the family duo is British multidisciplinary artist Faye Toogood, teaming a handmade silk dress with a dusty white Tokio Super Grip Birkenstocks. Is there ever a look you can’t wear with your favourite Birkenstocks? We think not.