Friday 6th September

| BY Paul Toner

Your Favourite Birkenstocks Get A Proenza Schouler Treatment

It feels like we are going through fashion seasons faster than Rupaul’s Drag Race. With NYFW officially kicking off today, our editrix Sophia Neophitou will soon be back at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 Weatherspoon trotting her Alaïas onto the next Pre-Fall show tour. All this traveling here, there and bloody everywhere can’t half make the dogs bark. Especially if you’re like our Lady Neophitou, who eats, sleeps, raves, and raves again in those 6-inch Alïa stilettos.

Just in time for the next coming NYFW, your little piggies will be able to have a breather. Design power duo Proenza Schouler teamed up with Birkenstock to stamp their very New York way of doing things on the classic Arizona and Milano slippers. Drawing inspo from the technicalities incorporated into athletic footwear, the sandals wrap around the back of the foot, fitted with a velcro strap instead of the classic buckle. Ideal for keeping your shoes firmly on as you make a quick dash to the nearest pub between shows. They come in a silver or black specchio calf leather, the same type used to create the sharp silhouettes seen in the brand’s latest slew of collections since returning to the big apple last September; finished with a contrast stitching to parallel the utilitarian Proenza look. The duo have gotten Juergen Teller and Peter Miles on board to create a “3-dimensional visual concept” to celebrate the release of the collab next February. Whatever that entails, we’ll be there, right front and centre. And *praise the lord* not in heels. 

The collection will be available to buy online and in select stores February 2020.