Tuesday 29th October

| BY Dino Bonacic

Bode, Namacheko, Ludovic de Saint Sernin and Seven Other Designers Are The 2020 Woolmark Prize Finalists

Charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent are the necessary elements in the making of the next drag superstar. But what about the fashion design superstar? The Aussie wool experts at Woolmark believe in educating the emerging generation of creatives by providing them with mentorship on implementing best practices to address environmental and social issues along with sustainable business growth. Slightly less dramatic than two queens death-dropping on a stage, but equally as exciting. As announced today, 10 designers have been selected as the finalists of the 2020 Woolmark Prize and the line-up image does indeed look like one of those Rupaul’s Drage Race promo shoots.

A-Cold-Wall*, Blindness, Bode, Botter, Feng Chen Wang, GmbH, Ludovic de Saint Sernin, Matthew Adams Dolan, Namacheko and Richard Malone are the brands in the run. Each will create a six-look collection representing their creative vision merged with traceable Merino wool and then show it to a panel of industry experts and leading creatives. While eight of them will sashay away, two will be crowned the next fashion design superstars aka the overall winner and the innovator in product manufacturing of the 2020 Woolmark Prize. Of her upcoming collection, Emily Adams Bode of Bode said: “I have just begun designing for it and have been focusing on new ways of weaving and finishing, combined with the patchwork and embroidery that is integral to the brand. Since working with the Wool Lab at Woolmark, I’ve learned more about new finishing techniques and educated myself on the overall supply chain of wool. Applying this knowledge to the collection is very exciting.” A-Cold-Wall*’s Samuel Ross said his “approach to the collection will be based on reinvention and performance, reconstituting what is normally expected from wool as a fibre and how it can be treated and developed.” The finale, which will take place during London Fashion Week at an undisclosed location in February 2020, will see a final catwalk showdown and the announcement of the winners. And for those who don’t get the prize, well… There’s always All Stars?

The 2020 Woolmark Prize finals will take place in February 2020 during London Fashion Week.