Wednesday 30th January

| BY Dino Bonacic

Hugo Launch Pop Up Collection, Unisex Staples Inspired by Berlin


Berlin. A place where parties never end, people never smile and the idea of a fashionable outfit includes minimal effort and colour. Cliché? Perhaps, but it is cliché for a reason. And what’s better than taking a cliché and running far away. So far, in fact, that you end up in central Berlin. It’s what the latest capsule collection released by Hugo is going for – a general idea of Berlin fashion pushed to the limit. In black, red and white, with robust cuts of outerwear, strong sportswear influences and a definite sense of 1990s clinical sexiness – we’re talking the Hugo Pop Up collection which is launching online this week for a limited amount of time, inspired by the German capital and the brand’s heritage.

As she models the brand’s archival pieces redefined for modern day, our Issue 61 cover star Teddy Quinlivan plays the role of that moody b*tch on the streets of Berlin that’s too busy to care about what you’ve got to say. And oh, she plays that role oh so well, embodying the spirit of 1990s German fashion. Think Helmut Lang, brought to life in a transparent jacket with their new signature reverse logo. The highlights? Quite literally, it’s the reflective parka in a tech-y 3M textile with a matching belt bag. And for those lazy Sundays when carrying bags is just *too* much – you’ve got the plaid shopping trolley with the stark red logo. Live that Berlin life, wherever you are.

The Hugo Pop Up collection is launching online today for a limited amount of time.

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