Sunday 23rd June

| BY 10Magazine

Bottega Veneta Milan Menswear S S 14 My Arse Is


My arse is sat on a black suede bench. The show started at 9.48. The venue is the HQ. The collection is monochrome, well this image is anyway. My favourite quote from Tomas Maier is, “the It Bag is a totally marketed bullshit crap. You make a bag, you put all the components in it that you think could work, you send it out to a couple of celebrities, you get the paparazzi to shoot just when they walk out of the house. You sell that to the cheap tabloids, and you say in a magazine that there’s a waiting list. And you run an ad campaign at the same time. I don’t believe that’s how you make something that’s lasting—that becomes iconic as a design.”

by Antony Miles