Monday 30th July

| BY Dino Bonacic



Here’s a few fun facts about the number eight. An octopus has eight tentacles. All spiders have eight legs. In modern mysticism, eight symbolises infinity. Eight is also two less than Ten. But do you know our fave fun fact about the number eight? Alexander McQueen are just launching an octet of deliciously scented fragrances that are about to change the way we look at fashion perfumery. Inspired by the sombre allure of Alexander McQueen’s heritage, the brand recruited a number of famed noses in order to reinvent classic fragrances according to the Savage Beauty philosophy that was synonymous with Lee himself. Deriving from a variety of traditional notes, the eight perfumes pay homage to McQueen and bring the values and essence of niche perfumeries into the world of fashion. Celtic Rose, Blazing Lily, Luminous Orchid, Sacred Osmanthus and Everlasting Dream all derive from a family of floral notes yet transform into a darker world, veiled by scented mist. On the other side of the spectrum Amber Garden, Dark Papyrus and Vetiver Moss take woody, classically masculines ideas and give them a new, highly sensual meaning. It’s a tale of darkness and light, beauty and pain, intensity and lightness – the extreme contrast that’s rooted in the world of Alexander McQueen. The brand’s first complete perfume collection is bottled up in eight colour variants of the now-signature McQueen flacon. Ostensibly classic in its shape, subtly symbolising the extravagance of jewels, the bottle is the perfect representation of high luxury this new direction implies. And as one would expect of such opulence, the collection is launching exclusively at Harrods for a month, before its worldwide release. Come Wednesday and don’t bother choosing – you gotta have them all, one for each of your moods.