Monday 5th October

| BY 10 Magazine

Brioni: 40 Years at Harrods

Apparently there’s a doctor who’s convinced that he will live to the age of 150. If that’s the case (and providing our mathematical skills are correct) then turning 70 is not even into the second half of your life. So it’s young, basically. Which is how Brioni feels – turning seventy this year, this stalwart of Italian tailoring is most definitely in the prime of life. It is a birthday that handily coincides with 40 years at Harrods – so, for the occasion, they’ve taken over a window (an exhibition space if you will) to show off their Su Misura made-to-measure bespoke tailoring – suiting that they promise they can fit to any body type. Like a skier, gymnast, surfer – even a sumo wrestler – proved by the life size mannequins of each of these in the window. All from real measurements. Impressive. But if you don’t trust us, you can see for yourself – it will be on display in Harrods until 27 October.