Wednesday 21st August

| BY Dino Bonacic

It’s A Battle of The Generations In Riccardo Tisci’s Burberry AW19 Campaign

If I got a penny for each time I read one of those generational opinion pieces breaking down whose fault it is that we’re living in the world we are today… Well, I’d probably be able to buy myself a property like those Gen Xs did back in the day. All jokes aside, the differences and tensions between generations are evident in the media as they are in fashion and trends – how often do you hear “Millennials buy this” or “Affluent people in the 30s love that”? The answer is: a lot. But Riccardo Tisci has the power to merge those generations into one big bundle of Burberry superfans, eagerly anticipating each next step he takes. His AW19 show was one of the highlight’s of last season’s London Fashion Week, not only due to the 100+ full looks that walked down the catwalk, but also for its unique approach to the show experience. The guests were separated into two different rooms – one was formal and wood-panelled, a reflection of the bourgeoise. The other, industrial-looking, was the embodiment of rebellious youth. That duality is now continued with Burberry’s AW19 campaign which is launching today.

Divided into two different locations with two totally different casts, each is dedicated to a specific aspect of the brand. The beachy scenario shot by Danko Steiner stars Tisci’s friends and supermodels including Irina Shayk, Gigi Hadid and Freja Beha Erichsen serving rich bitch in beige. Lush tailoring, signature macs and towering heels to match create a look of the chic woman you want to be. The second part of the campaign was lensed by the legendary Nick Knight and captures the Millennial generation and their toys, dressed in edgy leather, nylon and deconstructed rugby shirts. It’s basically selfies versus self-portraits, but make it fashion. “At the core of what we are doing at Burberry is a passion for the house to become an identity and a lifestyle – one that transcends barriers and is inclusive to all. This campaign explores the many facets of British culture and how they coexist. Together, Danko and Nick celebrate the importance of self-expression and identity through their own distinct lenses,” explains Tisci.

Which corner do you choose? Are you more of a lady or a rebel? The charm of Burberry right now is that all labels are momentary and fluid. The brand’s rich offering allows expression beyond having to decide on your full persona. At the end of the day, we’re all members of the tribe whose name is Burberry.