Tuesday 16th October

| BY Dino Bonacic

Burberry Is Dropping New Products Every Month As Part of Their B Series


When we say we want something and we want it know, we truly mean it. And it seems like the peeps at Burberry granted our wishes. As soon as we saw Riccardo Tisci’s first show for Burberry, we knew it would be impossible to wait for six or so months before we could get our hands on the luxe goodies that walked down the catwalk. We talked and talked about how we simply needed it, and it seems someone had been listening. We’d like to believe that it was Riccardo who bugged our phones and listened to our hours of wishing on some TB glam. And just like that – the B Series were born. That’s our story at least…

Starting with October 17th, Burberry are commencing their monthly drops coming on the same day of each month (is 17 Riccardo’s favourite number?) in order to push their ongoing communication between the brand and their customer further, away from just being season-led. The first edition of B Series is starring a unisex white tee and jersey sweatshirt with Burberrys new TB monogram in red. And we know Mr Tisci knows his way around covetable sportswear. The fun part of this new concept is that the products will be droppin’ via Burberry’s Instagram, WeChat, Line and Kakao platforms. This is the future the Jetson family was living in, shopping via gadgets. Put your alarm on for this Wednesday at 12pm when the first set of merch comes through. Charge your phones and increase your credit card limit – the Burberry race is on!

The B Series are launching on October 17th at 12pm UK time via Burberry’s WeChat, Instagram, Line and Kakao.