Burberry Serve Canine Couture With Their Latest B Series Drop

You might have noticed this already, but we can safely declare the most referenced person in Ten Towers is the inimitable icon Paris Hilton. Ever since her introduction as the rich b*tch on The Simple Life, our lives have never been the same. We finally found a goal to our once pointless lives and never looked back since, consistently aspiring to achieve the levels of glam, glitter and pink drama this fabulous woman embodies. And thanks to Riccardo Tisci, we might just be one step closer to that goal. For the latest of the Burberry’s B Series monthly drops, Tisci created possibly the most fabulous doggie outfit we’ve seen in a while. Made for those airport paparazzi shots, the Burbs canine couture includes a hoodie jacket printed with a TB monogram print with classic brown ribbing and a thin red line.

Dropping tomorrow via Burberry’s social media channels, the doggy outfit will allow you live your early 2000s starlet fantasy and perhaps even match your outfit to your dogs. Yes, the popularity of pets dressed to match might have gone away for a short while, but Tisci obviously knows how much we love to pretend we’re the third, long lost Hilton sister. Starbucks in one hand, matching pooch in the other, and a very oversized pair of sunnies propped on the tip of your nose. That’s hot!

The next B Series is launching tomorrow, August 17th, exclusively through Burberry’s Instagram, LINE and Kakao platforms for 24 hours and from 8pm CST on their WeChat platform for 24 hours.