Wednesday 11th August

| BY Will Saunders

Burberry Drops An NFT Collection with Blanko’s Block Party

Unfamiliar with the term NFT? Well, look no further, it means non-fungible token, geek talk for digital assets that can be bought and sold which represent real-world objects such as art, music, videos, and in-game items – like in this case, a character’s skin/costume. If that still sounds confusing then, just stay with us. More games are trying to introduce NFTs as it allows players to monetise their time (the more they play, the more they can potentially earn). 

Mythical Game’s vibrant Blanko’s Block Party is literally a virtual block party. It is completely free to download and play, with the option to purchase in-game cosmetics, accessories, and limited edition Blankos (NFTs). Focusing on custom-art, exploration, design, building, fun mini-games and collecting your own unique Blankos. Once you own a Blanko it’s yours, listing it for sale is up to your discretion only, not even the creators can take it away from you! You can even design your own game modes, no need to know anything about coding. 

Fashion brands across the board are embracing fashion NFTs with (virtual) open armsBurberry has been breaking its way into the industry since 2019, launching its first-ever game, B Bounce – extending it to Ratberry to celebrate the Chinese New Year in January 2020. Followed by the brand’s first multiplayer game in July 2020 called B Surf, both have been developed by Burberry’s digital teams in-house. For Blanko’s Block Party, users will be able to shop exclusive Burberry skins, including URL armbands from the brand’s TB Summer Monogram collection, shark shoes and a Burberry-stamped jetpack. Stylish fun for all the fambo. 

Photograph courtesy of Burberry.