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So, yes, there were coats in the Burberry Prorsum pre-fall collection. There always are. But something about them, in their muted, earthy shades – something about all the clothes, actually – seemed “carefully construed backdrop”, seemed designed with one purpose in mind, a canvas on which to show off the accessories. Think of them as a plush velvet pillow that holds precious gems within its folds. So, after much time devoted and careful research conducted, we managed to identify four distinct accessory categories:

The Shoe

A desert boot. On a heel. Lined in sheepskin. Practical yet stylish. This is, after all, a winter collection and sandals in winter just don’t cut it. Why does everyone insist that winter chic has to include a frostbitten toe? We realise that black will never go out of style, but must that extend to our limbs? Personally, we’ve always been more fond of a pink-hued toe. It just goes so well with a chocolate suede shoe.

The Bag

There’s something rather schoolgirl about this. We’re looking and we’re thinking satchel. But minimised. Maybe it’s the maroon – it’s a rather school-uniform colour. Clutch-size satchel. In a patchwork of suede and exotic skins. It has the same fold-over flap and strap fastening. There’s something rather nice and clean about a leather strap and plain buckle. Those giant ornate things that have become so popular of late feel rather gaudy and heavy-handed. And they keep catching on anything they brush against.

The Glove

Exotic and mustard hued. We feel that the glove is a much-underrated accessory and we’d like to change that. It is the multitasker of the accessory world. Not only practical by way of keeping your hands warm and germ free, it also has transformative powers that are more powerful than those of a wig. The correct glove, such as this, can add colour to any ensemble and ensure that you are the focus of all street-style bloggers within a hundred-mile radius. With the right glove, a new style icon can be born.

The Belt

Elasticated. With a bow. Well, it appears that way to the naked eye. It could just be clever ruching, stitched in place by hand. It adds a hint of femininity to the toughness of the trenches. Speaks of a softer creature behind the ferocious, independent-lady stance one tends to present to the world.


by Natalie Dembinska