Tuesday 8th December

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Burberry Launches A New Initiative To Support Fashion Students Across The UK

Fresh off the back of Riccardo Tisci’s big win at the Fashion Awards last Thursday, Burberry is launching a brand new initiative. Dubbed ReBurberry Fabric, the pilot programme will unite the luxury brand with the British Fashion Council, including support from esteemed journalists Sarah Mower and Charlie Porter.

Burberry has pinpointed students as one of the hardest hit demographics by the pandemic – whether they graduated into a recession last summer or currently struggling through online lectures after missing hours of face-to-face teaching. Burberry has committed to donating their leftover fabrics to fashion students across the UK, aiming to support the “next generation of diverse voices across the country.”

Not only will this help fashion students all over the country, but it also promotes waste reduction within the fashion realm. The brand hopes that ReBurberry will act as a template for brands industry-wide to follow in order to support the development and education of future creative talents.

This pilot follows Burberry’s countless programmes aimed at supporting the wider creative community. Last month, the house expanded its creative arts scholarship program on an international scale, allowing equal access to future creative leaders from underrepresented communities. The brand also donated over 100,000 pieces of PPE to the NHS by re-tooling their Castleford factory – usually reserved for making Bubrberry’s iconic trenches – and more recently, joined forces with footballer Marcus Rashford MBE in support of youth centres and ending child food poverty.

Top image: Izaak Theo is pictured inside 10 Men Issue 52 – COMMUNITY, BELONGING, UPLIFTING – available to purchase here.