Burberry Blurs The Physical With The Virtual In a Brand New Retail Experience

We don’t know about you, but over lockdown Team Ten has become a full-on gamer gang. My particular vice is Mario Kart 8. Maybe it’s because I’ve never sat behind the wheel of an actual car, but in the world of Nintendo, I’m an absolute speed demon. Too fast, too furious? Maybe so. Luckily for us then, Burberry has combined our two loves – fashion and gaming – with a revolutionary retail experience. The brand has created the first luxury, social retail store ever. Yes, you heard it right. Burberry is blending the physical and virtual worlds with a digitally immersive retail experience like no other. Exciting stuff.

Partnering exclusively with tech wizards Tencent, the brand has created a dedicated WeChat mini program for shoppers in Shenzhen, China to explore. Once inside the app, each customer is given their very own animal character which evolves as they explore the physical store. The more a customer engages with the store, the more rewards and exclusive content they will unlock, including reservations at Thomas’s Cafe, the super fancy communal space inside.

The in-app shopping experience is enriched through a series of store tours, appointment bookings and dedicated client services. All that in the palm of your hand? Quite handy if you ask us. “I am fascinated by the balance between nature and technology, and the energy that connects the two,” explains Riccardo Tisci. “This store explores this relationship, blending the digital and the physical realms in an exciting new concept.” This is the future of fashion, strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride.

Burberry’s social retail store is open in Shenzhen, China now.