Monday 28th January

| BY Dino Bonacic

Byredo Are Relaunching Their Iconic ‘Unnamed’ Fragrance


Mystery. It makes even the most mundane intriguing. Not that there’s anything mundane about Byredo. The Swedish fragrance house known for their clear glass bottles with black caps and pharmacy-like minimal labels, is bringing back one of their limited editions best-selling fragrances. Back by popular demand, Unnamed is hitting the shelves (again) on Thursday, January 31st. Yes, that’s the same date as Issue 62 of Ten Magazine, pardon the shameless plug.

Unnamed was originally launched in 2016 in celebration of the brand’s decennial anniversary and was instantly received as a fan favourite in the perfume community. Coming with a blank tag and a personalisation kit, the fragrance is opened to its users interpretation when it comes to semantics. And by leaving the name game to each individual person, the scent becomes a transformative piece of beauty. No gender, no definition and not even a list of notes – Unnamed lives up to its name in every single way, and is set to associate to independent memories and emotions. Coming back in another limited edition run, this is the fragrance equivalent to a pair of Off-White hi-tops. Apparently, drop culture is taking over even the world of parfum.

‘Unnamed’ by Byredo is launching in a limited edition on January 31st via selected retailers and online.